My research and experience on how to manage multiple twitter accounts.

Twitter has already become an integral part of every marketer’s social media strategy.  During the initial days of twitter people were not too sure on its business potential and only thought of it as a personal / social networking tool.  The sheer volume of twitter follower and tweets has forced everyone sit back and have a close look at twitter and find innovative ways to use twitter for personal as well as business use.  I have been a twitter user since its early days and the challenge for me is multi-fold, I would like to:

  • Use twitter to manage my personal and professional contactstwitter logo My research and experience on how to manage multiple twitter accounts.
  • At the same time I would like to promote my blog, a niche concept / service
  • Tweet on behalf on behalf of my company.

As a result today I have 4 twitter accounts and I know for a fact that there are many people like me who have multiple twitter accounts.  Since twitter is such a cool concept that a lot of people have created businesses by developing some really nice applications to work with twitter. I researched the internet and found a lot of options but no conclusive answer.

I decided to use each application for a couple of days and see which application is the best way to manage multiple twitter accounts.

Applications that I tried and measured over a week are:



twhirl TweetDeck Hootsuite Splittweet Twitterfox Tweet3 Matt
Desktop based


Web Based Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Single instance for all accounts Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Multiple instances for all accounts


Same tweet to all accounts Yes Yes Yes
Cross posting Yes Yes Yes
Video sharing Yes Yes
Image sharing Yes
@ replies Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
ReTweet Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
DM Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Search /Scan Yes Yes
Brand Monitoring Yes
Creating groups Yes
URL shortening Yes Optional Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
User friendly Good Bad Excellent Average Excellent Average Good
Analytics Yes Yes
Scheduled Tweets Yes


I tried these applications one after the another and also simultaneously for a period of one week and I have measured them on their usability, performance and rich functionalities.  After trying all the bells and whistles in each tool I decided that I would still go with Twitterfox for now.  The reason being it’s a small Firefox extension, it’s smart, simple, easy to use and right in my browser.  Only thing I miss and I wish to have is the analytics peace in Twitterfox.  If I were to still go ahead and use all those fancy features and be willing to work outside my current browser window then I would go for Hootsuite.

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Hello John i will try your services thanks for sharing with us

[...] You can analyse the complete comparision table here [...]

[...] You can analyse the complete comparision table here [...]

Hi Amit, did you try

[...] You can analyse the complete comparision table here [...]

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