Google Labs introduces browser size tool to visually evaluate your site content

Google’s latest browser sizing tool will help developers and website owners to evaluate the amount of content viewed by their users.  The tool loads your webpage behind a colour full matrix which indicates the % of people who can see specific point on your webpage. By adding this tool Google has further strengthen its offerings in the web analytics space.  I constantly use Google Analytics to monitor my blog traffic and have been using various webmaster tools to optimize the blog.  A new tool from Google is always welcome and not loosing much time I evaluated my own blog to  check if it was useful only to developers or  also to site owners and publishers like me.

Visual evaluation of my blog:

google browser browzer size visual analysis evaluation Google Labs introduces browser size tool to visually evaluate your site content

Analysis of my blog:

  • 30% of my visitors will not be able to see my banner ad which says advertise for free. If even you can’t then you can check this link here
  • 40% of my visitors will not be able to see connect to Facebook icon on my blog
  • 20% of my visitors will not be able to see the submit button to my RSS feed
  • 20% of my visitors will not be able to see the following:
    • Team behind this blog
    • What we recommend
    • Our rankings across prominent sites – like blogged
    • Most importantly the second post on the blog

I plan to make certain changes and conduct a test run

I am going to  test run by:

  • Moving the banner to the left so the visibility will be improved by 25%
  • Making connect with Twitter and Facebook icons smaller in size to improve visibility
  • Moving the subscribe button will be a design call so might take it up later

I will be keeping a close eye on Google analytics for the next whole week specifically on these links to see if the analysis is true.

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Didn't know about this Google Browser Size tool, Amit. I used it over front page and it was interesting to see what of the site was actually visible to different percentages of viewers. Makes me wonder if BB should be configured with both sidebars on the right to enable sidebar information to be conveyed to a higher percentage of potential readers?


I have checked your site and my suggestion would be that you move the subscription option above categories on the left sidebar for better visibility as the area above categories can be seen by 99 % of your visitors.

I hope it helps

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Google tells us about the size of the different browsers because this is important for the system users. They can know about the importance things about these browsers.

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