Research report on recruitment and social media

More than ever recruiters are leveraging the power of social media to drive their recruitment objectives. It’s become very critical for recruiters around the globe to integrate social media initiated with their conventional recruitment model. I have written an article some time ago on how to integrate social media with HR

As always there are early adopters of concepts and they generally reap the maximum benefit in the long run. I am sure that you are already using social media in one form or the other to leverage your social network for your recruitment assignments.

I came across a Bullhorn Reach research report on social recruiting and i would like to share the same here for people to get detailed analysis on different avenues that social media presents as an opportunity to enhance recruitment.

A in depth study of this report will give you clear indication on what’s working and what’s not in the social media space as far as recruitment is concerned.

I got tremendous insights from this report and i hope you do as well.

Happy Recruiting.

Click here to download the report

Crowdsourcing an important concept in online and digital marketing

In recent times a lot of online/web 2.0 companies have been using Crowdsourcing as an initiative to market their products and services online. This method is being also used extensively by companies to strengthen their brand and their online reputation.

There are a lot of companies globally taking advantage of this age old practice by taking this concept online. The reason i am writing this article is that it’s interesting to see an Indian company using crowdsourcing as a technique to go viral online. I haven’t seen many Indian companies trying their hand at “online” Crowdsourcing.

This experiment comes from and i would like to congratulate the team at executing this campaign.

Zomato, India’s largest online food and lifestyle guide has launched a month long campaign to crowd-source its next television commercial. Named 20 Seconds to a Million, Zomato is looking to reach out to the video making community, amateurs, professionals or anybody who owns a camera and is creative, to create a 10 or 20 second commercial.

Two best commercials from this campaign will be taken live on TV and the creators will get a cash prize worth Rs. 5 Lakhs each (1 Million in total). Click here for further details on the campaign.

This site indeed offers good information on restaurants near you and if you are a foodie like me and want the information on your mobile here’s the link to get Zomato on mobile


All you need to know about CNG Kit installation

For those who are reading this article for the first time, I request you to first read my article Advice on CNG conversion kits in India as it has helped a lot of readers in getting the right information and support before installing CNG gas kits. After a careful analysis of hundreds of comments, emails and few phone calls as well ;-) I have decided to write this post which will further help readers understand further details in terms of different types of gas kits available.

CNG Kit installation FAQ:

What is Open Loop cng kit v/s closed loop cng kit?

To simplify things open and closed loop system can easily compared as presence or absence of MPFI fuel injection system in petrol cars. In open loop system there is no automatic calculation of quantity gas that need to be released based on requirement of the car. Hence it will be adjustments to be made at regular intervals, meaning in common terms the cng kit will need tuning from time to time.

Whereas in closed loop system there is a sensor which automatically injects gas based on cars requirement. Hence it delivers better mileage, better pickup and also does not need periodic tuning. The cost difference varies around Rs 7,000 to Rs 10,000 based on the kit installed.

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Research report on HR services market in India

I research report HR industry india HR Services 150x150 Research report on HR services market in Indiahave come across an excellent report which outlines the current scope and future trend in the India HR industry with respect to human resource services. This report was jointly developed by ERA Executive Recruitment Association and Ernst & Young. 

Excerpts from the HR industry In India Research Report are as follows.

Over the past few years, the Indian HR solutions industry has grown significantly. This is largely attributed to the change in the mind-set of large Indian companies in two ways:

1. Companies have started increasingly engaging consultants to meet their HR requirements on account of the growing complexity of doing business and talent challenges.

2. They are opting for a temporary staff model to have smaller bench strength to withstand the global economic crisis.

Given this transformation in customer segments, the industry is emerging as more than just a vendor in clients’ growth plans. The present HR marketplace in India has some individual freelancers, start-ups, small and medium players, as well as large Indian companies and MNCs. The size of this space is expected to be INR228 billion in FY11 and has grown at a CAGR of 21% between FY08 and FY11.

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Salary appraisal for the year 2012

Most companies in India end their financial year in March and yet again its appraisal time. Since 2009, due to economic recession the appraisal cycle has reached its all-time low. Based on internet research and my own experience in dealing with fortune 500 clients in India i can conclude that this year is going to be no different. It’s going to be considerably better than what it was in the middle of recession but it doesn’t appear to get back to old levels. The main reason being overall slump in the market globally and more so specifically in India.

India Inc is faced with difficult economic conditions and pressure of higher cost of operation is leading to lower profits coupled with delayed sale cycle is making it increasingly difficult to provide higher appraisal percentage in the year 2012.
A recent article on economic time suggested that the salary appraisal number in the year 2012 will be in tune with last year and could range between 10%-15%

Below is industry wise suggested appraisal numbers

salay appraisal india Salary appraisal for the year 2012

Touchscreen technology Breathes New Life Into modern day businesses

Touchscreen displays have evolved considerably, thanks to technological advances which make hardware and software work together in a pleasingly tactile unison. Getting rid of physical keys and buttons provides many different advantages, iphone touch screen Touchscreen technology Breathes New Life Into modern day businessesbut in the modern market perhaps the most important reason to invest in touchscreens is that the average consumer is now far more touch literate than ever before. This is thanks to the proliferation of smart phone technology and software connected to the web through a Verizon FiOS service, which typically focuses on delivering finger-friendly interaction the consumer’s hand. As a result, now is the time to get involved with this innovative and exciting technology.

One of the best things about touch displays is the sheer flexibility of what can be achieved with the software applications that run on the device they are attached to. While using physical keys gives you a rigid and immovable set of potential functions with no scope for innovation or future changes, a touchscreen display can be anything you want it to be. When a keypad is needed, a virtual array of buttons can pop up. When you want to select a different app, you can touch the relevant icon and the work of many different developers will be brought to life. Devices such as the Apple iPhone and iPad have helped popularise touchscreen displays and many other businesses are harnessing them as a result.

The other reason to invest in touchscreen displays is the potential for increased user friendliness of the interface. Intuitive menu systems and the ability to use a finger like a cursor, to drag and drop items and pinch to zoom in on specific elements, allows users to learn how to fully exploit a system without any complicated tutorials or verbal instructions. In addition, the newer multi-touch sensitive displays can register more than one simultaneous press, allowing for multi-finger gestures and even more opportunity to enable intuitive inputs.

There is a variety of places in which touchscreen displays are already being used by businesses. Automated cash registers at large chain stores let users scan and bag their own shopping, increasing the throughput levels, reducing queues and ultimately resulting in the need for fewer staff to man the tills. Touchscreen kiosks at airports and other travel hubs can help people get through the check-in process much quicker, as well as letting them buy their own tickets and tag their own luggage. By eliminating the need for a direct human agent and making many different services electronic, faster transactions are guaranteed.

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facebook, twitter and Linkedin can help you get a job.

People, companies and agencies are increasingly using social media to identify employment opportunities. this morning i saw an interesting infographic and would like to share it over here.

The original article appeared in the Business Insider


social job search facebook, twitter and Linkedin can help you get a job.
Created by: MBA Online

Google+ for business should be part of your social media hiring strategy

Using Google+ page as part of online recruitment strategy

Many progressive organizations today are using social media as an integral part of recruitment strategy.  google+ page for hiring recrutment social media Google+ for business should be part of your social media hiring strategy The latest weapon the in the armoury of the HR department is Google+. By now most  organization have aligned social media are part of their recruitment process might have developed an integrated effort on their website, blogs, LinkedIn company profile, Facebook page, twitter and some other tools and applications like bullhorn which helps them maximize their reach.  Now the online recruitment activity is blessed with another awesome tool in the form of Google+ for business.

How to setup up Google+ page

  1. Creating a Google+ Page: once you click on this link there will be a wizard that will help you complete the process.  The wizard lets you choose your category under which your business will be found.
  2. Account Name: Choose your company account carefully. First and foremost create a Gmail account that can be shared by the entire HR team. Don’t used personal email as currently Gmail does not allow multiple users assigned to one account.
  3. Creating Public profile:  The HR department and marketing department needs to take adequate care while creating public profile so as to maintain consistency across online platforms. Important thing here is to ensure you choose right tag line that helps you entice candidates
  4. Sharing the page: the next step is to promote the page, the idea is to first develop an interactive page as per your online recruiting strategy and only then exercise this option. As promoting the page will share the page with all your connections and a blank or half completed page will not give good impression and will surely not achieve ultimate objective of the page being added in your prospective candidates circle.

Facts/issues/limitations about Google+ pages

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Aadhaar Unique identification card – UID to act as a proof to open bank accounts

This is one of the major developments going on in the country and I am really interested in tracking its progress as this 2011 Aadhaar uid nandan nielkeni Logo.svg  Aadhaar Unique identification card – UID to act as a proof to open bank accountsinitiative will ensure a thousand different things but most importantly it will act as a single biggest basis of ones identification in India. A country’s progress largely depends on its financial backbone and it’s really heartening to see that banks will now officially accept UID as a valid address proof.  In today’s times of India it has also been said by UIDAI chief Nandan Nielkani that Aadhaar card is a valid KYC – know your customer document and this will enable financial institutions to further assess the background of individuals and help them serve better.

Even the telecom and petroleum ministry also consider Aadhaar as a valid KYC norm for issue of SIM cards and cooking gas connections.

I urge everyone to apply for the card if not already applied as the faster we all are on the system the better is it for all of us. You can read the complete process of applying for the unique identification car here

Aadhar UID project touches one crore applications

In just nine months since the launch of the Aadhaar project in Maharashtra, UIDAI has issued one crore Aadhaar numbers. 52 year old, NK Chheda from Maharashtra has the distinction of being the resident whose Aadhaar number was generated on reaching this milestone. Coincidentally, the first resident to get the Aadhaar number, Ranjana Sonawane, is also a resident of Maharashtra. She received her number on 29th September, 2010 in Tembhli village of Nandurbar district.  You can download official report on UID here

For detailed and correct information I recommend you visit the official site

Advice on CNG conversion kits in India

I have recently installed a CNG conversion kit in my car and now it can run on petrol and gas both. Finally after a lot of research online and offline i have made this decision and it really makes me happy for two reasons:

I am writing this article for people to get accurate information and not spend time searching the internet just as i did. As there are not many source of authentic information for CNG or LPG conversion kits in India.

Overview of gas conversion kits in India

There are quite a few gas conversion kits available in the market most of these kits are either imported from Italy and Argentina and rest are made locally here in India.  Install only government approved CNG kits in your car. As when your car will be sent for RTO registration they will verify the status of the CNG kit manufacturer. There are two types of kits one with sequential system and other is lambad system.

The list of government and RTO approved CNG kit can be found here:

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