Teachers: How to Construct a Winning Job Application

Given the current state of the job market, being able to stand out with your job applications for teaching positions is more important than ever; this means being able to make the most of your skills and your past experience, while getting the basics right when it comes to putting together your forms. Look at what an employer expects from you, a well as whether or not you have to produce anything extra for an application, and make sure that you specify why you’d be right for a particular school.

Getting the Basics Right

Common mistakes that can damage any job application include not taking the time to check over your application before sending it out – basic spelling and grammar mistakes can make the difference between your application being looked at in more detail, or being discarded – this applies to your CV, application form, and your cover letter. In this context, it’s always worth getting someone to double check your application before you send it.

Also, make sure that you read through a job description as carefully as possible to see what they specifically want from you – if an employer only wants a 4 page CV, don’t send them 6, for example. Moreover, ensure that you address every point listed on a job specification page, even if they don’t always apply to your situation. Keep things concise, and focus on understanding what an employer is aiming for.

Making Yourself Stand Out

A major part of getting your job application right is being able to understand how you can tailor your experience and particular skills to a post; this means how you can focus on converting your training and any other teaching experience into a clear story; similarly, make sure that you can identify any gaps in your experience that can be explained and used to demonstrate your commitment towards improving yourself.

It’s also important to not claim too much, or to over sell yourself – having a complicated teaching philosophy is admirable, but many employers will only want an impression of your plans in this area; again, go through an application pack to see what an employer is asking from you, and try not to deviate from that too much. Remember that more detailed questions may be asked in a future interview.

If your application is well presented, and if you’ve shown that you’ve taken the time to properly a read a job advert, and not just copied and pasted your information for the umpteenth time, it’s possible to give yourself the best shot at a job. Spending those extra few hours on writing a cover letter can make a significant difference to the final success of your application. Treat each job application as its own unique thing, and avoid getting into the habit of firing off as many applications as possible without taking the appropriate care for each one.

Author bio : Lisa Jane has worked in education for several years, and encourages anyone writing job applications to get the basics right. She recommends using GSL Education for finding out about the latest teaching jobs.

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