How to conduct an effective HR Training session

Human resource department, popularly referred to as the HR department of an organization is in charge of conducting activities that are designed to train company personnel, whether it involves addressing performance problems or assisting an employees prepare for management roles. As a consequence, there is a need for organizing training programs to support the human resource functions of a company. However, conducting a training program to support the HR functions in a company setting will involve assessing the requirement, executing the program and evaluating the impact of the training on the operational metrics of the individual departments.

Human resource professionals support and organization, something that they can do with the help of an acquired skill i.e HR training. Successful training programs always ensure that the human resource professionals can give employee support in the most consistent and economical manner.

Listed below is a step wise procedure that will help you to organize HR training in an organizational setting:

Step 1

The first thing to do would be to examine the operations of the human resource department. You should carefully analyze the day-to-day activities of the professionals of the HR department. You can go ahead and conduct the surveys so that it will help you to determine which are the areas where the HR employees need help for developing their skills. For instance, some of the common areas include making performance improvement plans, creating salary ranges, approving or denying leaves calculating bonuses and others.

Step 2

You should plan your program by listing learning objectives and framing a content outline. Confirm your assumptions by checking your design ideas with the employees of the HR team. You should also try to seek sponsorship from executive leadership to make sure that your training programs is in tune with the necessary goals. For instance, you could set up a program to train HR employees to conduct successful hiring activities when the company aims to incorporate plans of expanding significantly.

Step 3

For organising a successful training program, you need to develop your training materials accordingly. Your training materials will include classroom exercises, presentations and study guides. You should also make a list of helpful references and resources.

Step 4

You will be required to implement the training by communicating its availability to all the members of the human resource department. This is necessary for you will need to ensure compliance to the policies and procedures of the company. You will need to make sure that every new employee attends the training programs. Also conduct seminars related to particular changes for the experienced employees. The popular subject matter could include leadership, ethics, various benefits, diversity, labor relations, staff management and safety.

Step 5

After you have followed the above mentioned steps, you should be careful to assess how your effective your training has been. For this, you will be required to conduct surveys, follow-up interviews and operational analysis. You should employ diversity ratios as a validation point for measuring the success of your human resource training program.


Author Bio: Rachel Barratt presently works as the Director of HR Elite, an independent HR consultancy providing HR training Essex. To hire services or for any other queries, you can reach Rachel on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (@ HR Elite).


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