How to conduct an effective HR Training session

Human resource department, popularly referred to as the HR department of an organization is in charge of conducting activities that are designed to train company personnel, whether it involves addressing performance problems or assisting an employees prepare for management roles. As a consequence, there is a need for organizing training programs to support the human resource functions of a company. However, conducting a training program to support the HR functions in a company setting will involve assessing the requirement, executing the program and evaluating the impact of the training on the operational metrics of the individual departments.

Human resource professionals support and organization, something that they can do with the help of an acquired skill i.e HR training. Successful training programs always ensure that the human resource professionals can give employee support in the most consistent and economical manner.

Listed below is a step wise procedure that will help you to organize HR training in an organizational setting:

Step 1

The first thing to do would be to examine the operations of the human resource department. You should carefully analyze the day-to-day activities of the professionals of the HR department. You can go ahead and conduct the surveys so that it will help you to determine which are the areas where the HR employees need help for developing their skills. For instance, some of the common areas include making performance improvement plans, creating salary ranges, approving or denying leaves calculating bonuses and others.

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How Distance Learning Courses Can Help With Your Career

Many working professionals want to pursue higher education so that they can get better jobs or get promoted with a higher pay package. But they do not have the option of leaving their job altogether and focus on a full time course as there are many people who are dependent on them. Home learning courses are the best option for them as they get the opportunity to focus on their work and at the same time continue their studies. Along with advancement in the field of technology, finance and other sectors on which an economy is dependent, the work force also needs to hone their skills to match with the required skill set.

Hence motivated individuals who dream big in their life are always trying to update and widen their knowledge base and at the same time get a formal degree to change over to a new job or get the long due promotion.

No Peer Pressure

No one can deny the fact school days are the best time of our life and a lovely grin spread over our face whenever we think of our childhood days. But adults, who are working for quite some time, are hesitant to go back to the classroom because of peer pressure. Therefore, distance learning is the best option for them.

Flexible Option

Distance learning courses are the best option for the working professional as they will be able to maintain a balance between work and life. The university from where you are pursuing a course will provide you the course materials through their online portal. So the students need to follow the instructions, virtual classes, participate in the discussion and submit assignments and home works in within a specific time period and thus providing you with enough space to complete your work.

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Teachers: How to Construct a Winning Job Application

Given the current state of the job market, being able to stand out with your job applications for teaching positions is more important than ever; this means being able to make the most of your skills and your past experience, while getting the basics right when it comes to putting together your forms. Look at what an employer expects from you, a well as whether or not you have to produce anything extra for an application, and make sure that you specify why you’d be right for a particular school.

Getting the Basics Right

Common mistakes that can damage any job application include not taking the time to check over your application before sending it out – basic spelling and grammar mistakes can make the difference between your application being looked at in more detail, or being discarded – this applies to your CV, application form, and your cover letter. In this context, it’s always worth getting someone to double check your application before you send it.

Also, make sure that you read through a job description as carefully as possible to see what they specifically want from you – if an employer only wants a 4 page CV, don’t send them 6, for example. Moreover, ensure that you address every point listed on a job specification page, even if they don’t always apply to your situation. Keep things concise, and focus on understanding what an employer is aiming for.

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Is Jabong’s Online Presence a threat to Snapdeal?

Every store that steps into online is looked upon with interest by the prospective buyer and looked upon as a prospective competitor by other online stores dealing with similar products and services. Jabong is no exception and its products and offers do create a sense of awe amidst shoppers and other online stores. Being a junior, it is indeed an achievement that it was able to rouse the interest of all concerned and let us see if it is going to live up to its initial promise to pose threat to Snapdeal, one of its many seniors.

Jabong’s Story

Jabong made its way into the online world in the year 2012. It immediately became the talk of the town with a stunning product range of over 50000. The products include apparels, home appliances, kitchen appliances, jewellery and accessories. In its first year online, the site recorded highest traffic amongst Indian online stores.

Snapdeal’s History

Snapdeal entered online in the year 2010. The online store has an exhaustive collection of products, which include apparels, mobiles, computers, cameras, books, sports items, footwear, jewellery, home appliances, kitchen appliances and a lot more.

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Funding Overseas Education: Six Sources to Get the Money Together

Funding an education in UK, is not the easy thing it used to be. Gone are the days when overseas education and home education were subsidised by the state. So the student has to consider alternative funding sources for his or her trip abroad.

1: Student Loan

While the fees structure for going to university has changed, the source for money hasn’t. The student loan was always available to students prior to the education fees change. It still is, only now the amount of money lent is considerably bigger, designed (where the student is eligible) to cover all the fees associated with going on into higher education.

Studying abroad can be part of a UK based course – for example American Studies, which gives a gap year to the student in question, studying in a college in the USA. IN cases like this, the course fees paid through a student loan should cover overseas learning as well.

2: The British Council

The British Council awards a number of scholarships and support bursaries to students wishing to study abroad. To apply for funding, it is necessary to contact the British Council direct. They’ll be able to tell you whether there are any bursaries available for the overseas study you wish to undertake, and what criteria you need to satisfy in order for it to be awarded.

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Best way to Search for the Most Recent PR Week Jobs of Your Choice

Really, there’s only one way to search for the most recent PR week jobs of your choice: and that’s to use the PR Week jobs search service to look for what you jobs Best way to  Search for the Most Recent PR Week Jobs of Your Choice

Obviously there are ways and there are ways – so for example having a good CV is one important factor, without which you will be less likely to land the job of your choice. So the first two ways are to learn how to use the search filters, and to learn how to use your CV and your PR week jobs profile to attract the interest you need.

There are three ways to find PR week jobs directly on the site – by creating an account, uploading a CV and signing up to receive job notification via email. In this way, you can search for any roles that interest you (using the specific job type filters or the advanced search function); you can hope that your CV attracts attention in the right places; and you can also see at a glance whether new jobs have been uploaded that may fit your bill.

While your CV is important for specific roles, it is worth remembering that a general CV may not land you any role at all. In basic terms, it’s often more useful to create a specific CV for a specific role and send this directly with your application. In this way you can pick out the most relevant pieces of your skills, and highlight them as they apply to the role in question.

The problem with uploading a generalised CV is this – it tends to sound like you are quite good at everything without being outstanding at anything. The temptation is to create an all-purpose business CV suited to finding any PR Week jobs you might be interested in. This is not useful and can damage your long term prospects for success.

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WordPress and SEO

WordPress started out as a blogging platform, but it’s rapidly being adopted as a popular option for a content management system. The platform has some real advantages where SEO is concerned, particularly if you’re using Professional wordpress themes that are designed for businesses.

WordPress as a platform provides critical SEO advantages:

Validated Code

Commercially available themes will generally advertise that their code has been validated. This means that it’s been checked to make sure that it conforms to World Wide Web Consortium standards and that the search engines will be able to read your content, follow your links and will regard you as a legitimate site. This is a significant advantage when you compare commercial themes to free themes, the latter sometimes not being validated or properly coded.

Scheduled Updates

Despite the recent changes to Google’s search engine filters, updating regularly still does have advantages to it. WordPress allows you to upload posts and to schedule them to post publically whenever you like, which makes it quite simple to make sure that you’re adding fresh content.

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Corporate Social Responsibility an HR initiative

I would really like to thank Lisa for writing such a wonderul post and helping us gain an HR persepctive to corporate social responsbility. really work? And before I go too much further I’d like to say that even if it is proven to be less economically savvy, it’s still a better way of doing things. Anyone involved in CSR jobs,

 I take my hat off to you.So let’s define our terms before we get on. What is Corporate Social Responsibility, and what are CSR jobs?Well, Corporate Social Responsibility, from hereon in referred to as CSR, is the idea that a company can and should act responsibly – towards its environment and towards all the people whom its actions affect. CSR jobs are positions  Corporate Social Responsibility: does it in which qualified people try to make sure that happens. An inevitable component of the CSR idea is giving – giving away money and services in some way, usually. And of course this comes in for a lot of flak by die hard capitalists, who (not content with already half-destroying the universe) can’t stand the idea that someone can get something for nothing. The same kind of people, in other words, who don’t believe in a welfare state until they lose their jobs, break their legs and suddenly need a hospital they can no longer pay for.

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Top Indian HR influencers on social media

Society of Human Resource Management (SHRM) is doing a real good job in helping HR professionals network across the world. I am a member at SHRM and i regularly attend the conferences organzised by them and it really helps in networking with other HR professionals from the same field.

SHRM along with WAT Consult have come up with a report that outlines the top infulencers on social media. they have used twitter as a medium to analyze social media effectiveness of these Human resource professionals.

I am sharing the report here so that more and more people can take advantage of this analysis and use twitter as a social media tool to share knowledge and achieve better results in their profession.

Research report on top HR influencers on social media


Google drive and recruitment

Google has a habit of coming up with innovative products and services that help change the way we work. This time around it’s Google Drive. Here the innovation is about its functionality and the way in which they are integrating could storage into its other native applications.Google Drive India Google drive and recruitment

Google drive promises to deliver much more to the users than pure synchronized online storage and it’s going to offer this amazing service at a price that is cheaper than the likes DropBox, Skydrive and icloud.

The core functionality remains could storage service that can be used to sync files across various devices. One can also view and share documents in various formats like HD videos, text files, images files etc. Using Google Drive you can primarily save and share information across multiple devices with multiple people. There is social media integration factor also integrate deep within the core offering.

HR professionals and recruiters around the world should pay close attention to this service from Google. As it will be a boon for recruiters to use cloud storage facility coupled with document management system. Google Drive has been built on its Google Document platform and it will enable user to save, manage, edit and share documents on the go and also sync the same across devices.

Google Drive features & functionalities that can be used by HR / Recruitment professionals

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